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strange and stressful dreams

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Jun. 24th, 2008 | 01:01 pm
posted by: mildred_strange in mildreds_dreams

The first one is from this past weekend.

I was at an SCA event with gorey_ballerina.  Since I'd never been to one before I didn't bring any garb, so I was given some by the organizers.  It was really shit cheap statin, with a corset (plastic boned), and a long skirt to match.  It was purple and black so I was able to feign gratitude for it.  It also had a tudor style head peice, which didn't work with the victorian corset, and neither of them, in my opinion, would work for the SCA.  I tried the head dress on and it fit really badly and affected my hearing.  I insisted on wearing a wimple with the head dress if I was going to have to wear it, which of course, does not match at all.  None the less, i insisted on having a nice, crisp white wimple.  Because of this I was allowed to omit the head dress.
J and I had gone to the event to do some fencing, and rather than being given epees, we were given lances.  That's right 15 feet long out the front and about 4 feet worth of handle.  We ended up having to fence in a ver large room, very awkwardly.

The second dream was last night.

Zombies are kept in a fenced off area, as in the movie "Fido".  Somehow they get through the enclosure and begin attacking.  Thankfully, myself and some other people are staying in some sort of upscale hunting lodge, which had a hidden room, filled with guns and ammo.  The only draw back to this secret room is that there are several windows to outside, which makes it a horrible place to hide from zombie attack.  This did give lots of weapons though.
After a while of fighting off zombies, and not being able to kill them (now I realise it's because we weren't severing their heads... stupid!) the strain of zombie began to mutate, creating zombies who looked and sounded ilke normal humans.  We came across these nwe zombies, and were assuring us that they were normal, so we took them into our hide out.  That's when we discovered that the thirst for brains was just as stong, but it was difficult to shoot them because they were just like normal people.  The strange thing about the dream was that it was a beautiful, sunny day, and the colours were really bright and almost cartoony.  It was a really stressful dream because no matter how much ammo we used, or how many times we shot at the zombies, we didn't get anywhere with decreasing their population. 
I also proved that even in dreams I'm crap with a gun.  I had real problems with reloading the shotguns, since the empty shells didn't pop out after shooting.  At one point in the dream one of my fellow survivors pointed out that I was going to make the gun blow up in my hands if I didn't take more care, and he tried to give me a lesson on reloading, which was stressful, as I needed to reload because we had half a dozen zombies coming at us.

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from: anonymous
date: Feb. 23rd, 2009 01:44 am (UTC)

Hi Milly,

Yes they do that to the garb they are very influenced by Hollywierd. That's why I don't sew for them anymore... they are all about 'good enough' and if you remember Dal, good enough just isn't. I think most of them would do better as Ren-Faire people... they think they are being historical, but they are really just playing in a specialized Tickle Trunk. Oh, and they want to find it all for flea-market/Value Village prices too. They want you to spend $5-$10 per custom made lampwork bead, but only spend $30 on a proper corset including time and materials... Sad, no?

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