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It's been a while.

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Oct. 18th, 2007 | 02:08 pm
posted by: mildred_strange in mildreds_dreams

In  my dream Dan and I had bought Ikea shelving.  I was suppsed to meet him infront of the school (because apparently we were both at a school for some reason) to get a lift home with our neighbour.  I forgot about this and got onto a yellow school bus.  As I was riding in the bus, I realised that I was supposed to meet Dan.  I tried calling him on my cell but it wouldn't dial, and I kept hitting the wrong buttons.  I then realise that everyone on the bus has shifted away from one person.  I look up and see a young girl with a gun to her head, calmly stating that she's going to kill herself, because everyone laughed at her, because she dressed differently and no one accepted her.  She's got bright red and orange hair, is wearing a cute plaid skirt and fishnet type shirt.  She's got facial peircings, etc.  As she's going on her tirade about how no one cared, I put my hand up, and said "hi, for what it's worth, I've seen you in the halls and I think you've got some style...  so, yeah."  I'm not sure how it ended because as everyone was telling me that she was going to shoot me for saying that, and panincing about how this was going to affect them my alarm went off.

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