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anxiety dream about psych exam

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Feb. 6th, 2007 | 11:01 pm
posted by: mildred_strange in mildreds_dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was taking my psych exam. It wasn't in a lecture hall like they usually are, but in a gym, with rows of desks set up, a la high school exams. I sat down, a little late, but I knew the material, so I figured I was fine. I then realised that the person in front of me was high school Nemesis/former best friend, K. She saw me, and started moving her chair back, which pushed my desk toward me, leaving not very much room for me. I tapped her on the shoulder to ask her to not do that anymore. I told her that there was only 6" between my desk and the one behind me. She said she really didn't care. So I decided to show her what 6" looked like, raising both middle fingers (my middle finger is exatly 3" long). She told me I was very immature, and I told her I wasn't flipping her off, and put my finger tips together, to show what 6" long looked like. I got up to let the intructor know K was being a bitch and that I couldn't concentrate on my exam. When I got back to my seat, a lot of time had passed, only leaving about 20 mins to answer all the questions.
After the exam, the scores were posted instantly. I got 62% and K got 95% (that's the story of my high school career).
The class decided to go have lunch, and we went to a restaurant called "moms", with a hot pink sign. Actually, all the places in the plaza were called "moms convinience" or "moms pets", and they all had the same signage. there was a take out counter, and the menu all looked good, but it was really pricey. The class decided to sit down because it would be cheaper. The only problem was that it was all seafood, except for a small portion which was in cross-word puzzle form. I wasn't wearing my glasses, and I couldn't figure out any of the cross word puzzle clues, so I had to go up to the waitress and ask what everything was. K, of course had already ordered, because she's a fucking superstar.

Alright Freud and Jung, what does that dream mean?

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