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two dreams, mildly work related

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Aug. 26th, 2006 | 12:44 pm
posted by: mildred_strange in mildreds_dreams

The first dream was about Richard, the guy I so stuff for MAC for. In the dream he owned an island near Vancouver Island. It had 7 victorian mansions on it, all of them his. He needed my help painting them, so he flew me out there to help. While we were there, his mother was also there. Richard had also brought his new boyfriend. When they walked in the room I asked "is this your new boyfriend", to which his mother's reaction was "What?! You're gay?!". I turned and said "yeah he is, both your children are" (this is a fact, his sister's gay too). She had a mild freak out. Thankfully Richard wasn't mad. He figured after 50 some odd years his mother may as well know.

The second dream was another book store dream. I was at the computers helping people print out their book lists. The first couple people I had didn't have their course lists, and didn't know the course codes, so I couldn't help them. finally I got to help someone with the course codes. The list was really long, and I didn't have my glasses, and in the dream my eyes were much worse than they are in real life. After a bit, she asked me to help her pick out back to school clothes. I figured my eyes needed a break, so I began going through the clothing racks that apparently were there. she picked out a huge stack and started trying them on. She rejected almost all of them, which I had to put back right away, being the good clothing sales person that I am. When we went back to the computer, half her classes weren't listed in the computer. Not a fun dream, and rather stressful.

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